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Bear & Whale Viewing

Bear Viewing (best time: July to early September)

This is my favorite activity in all of Alaska, and it may become yours as well. Nothing is more exciting than watching these beautiful, powerful beasts in their native habitat.

Alaska boasts over 35,000 grizzly bears, 150,000 black bears and an unknown but plentiful number of polar bears. They cover the entire state, and are always captivating to watch. You can often spot them roaming free along the coastline, snagging salmon in a stream, frolicking and splashing in the water, munching on berries in the mountains, or settling in for an afternoon siesta.

I can arrange a bush pilot to fly us to choice locations -- especially on Kodiak Island, home to the largest bears in the world. We can also travel to easily accessible, proven locations that hold large bear populations.

Make sure you take extra film: you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get close-up photographs during these unforgettable trips.

Best locations to view the bears:

--Arctic rivers
--Pristine rivers of the Brooks Range
--Denali National Park
--Valdez area
--Kodiak Island
--Katmai National Park
--Prince of Wales Island
--Kaktovik Island

Whale Viewing (best time: June to beginning of September)

Alaska's wildlife includes five whale species: orca, humpback, fin, grey, and minke. Come with us and observe them feeding, playing, and nurturing their young in their natural environment. You may even see entire pods of whales migrating to the Arctic. During the peak season, small organized tours on Alaskan waterways are the best way to see these awesome creatures.

Best locations to view the bears:

--Kenai Fjords National Park
--Glacier Bay National Park
--Resurrection Bay
--Chiswell Islands National Wildlife Refuge
--Prince William Sound

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